an English garden on video

A tour around our English garden, complete with, er, commentary (aka ramblings).

I’ve recorded this for posterity, because we’ve spent seven years on this garden and now we’re heading to Canada to start again. Eek.

Alternatively, if you prefer looking inside the house rather than outside, I was challenged to blog my kitchen. Here it is (complete with rambling, psychoanalysis, cackling and way too much information):

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  1. I so want to buy your house. You garden is beautiful.

  2. It looks fabulous! After first planting Aliums, my son picked the heads off for 3 years in a row, just before they had flowered, telling me each time that he had picked flowers for me! 3 years of saying thank you through very gritted teeth! finally this year I have 6 – and I only planted 3!

  3. Loved it – what a lovely garden. I hope you have an equally nice garden when you move to Canada and send us a video of it.
    Thank you

  4. What a georgous garden. We planted a rambling rector when Robbie was born aat our house in berkshire, We planted a Paul’s Himalayan Musk

  5. What a lovely garden, I am so envious. I really enjoyed your commentary too, you have a lovely accent. For some reason when I read your blog I imagine you to have a slightly posh southern english accent and a dirty laugh. (Even though I know you grew up in Scotland).

  6. warning warning warning, it will probably be June before you see Canadian Garden at that stage. I’m not sure about your end of Canada but mine? My rubbarb just started to poke out. My Irises are also just about 4inches above ground. My roses? might show up by August?

  7. Ohhh I want a garden like that! Unfortunately the green fingers seem to have skipped a generation since my mum. >_<

  8. It is a lovely garden – what a wrench it will be to leave it, but what splendid thing might you get in Canada? I sympathise with the lonely alium. I only have one left too. I blame the squirrels. Or mice. It’s obviously not ME.

  9. Tatjana says:

    What a treat to listen to your lovely voice :-))

    I should do a vlog too. Might help my paranoia that you’re all thinking of me speaking wis some awful Tsherman accent …

  10. Great ramblings and a lovely piece of land to hand over to someone – I hope they appreciate and build on all your hard work.

    Can I (seriously) recommend some of the horticultural courses at Calgary Zoo when you get here. Spend a couple of weeks understanding the zoning, the climate and the native stuff and you’ll be good to go!

  11. Oh the eucalyptus is just gorgeous!

  12. My dearest R :-)…your house, your garden, your kids and your animals are lovely…and you managed to transport me from my desk all the way here in Holland way back to when we used to talk in “real-life”…I experienced a strange proud glow when I heard your Scottish accent popping in and out to say hello (lambs lugs is not something you can truly say with an English accent now is it)…dare I say that we (me, lynn, elise and the rest) had something to do with that…I wish you, K and the kids only the very best life has to offer in Canada x To conclude, the wise and beautiful words of an old workmate of mine….may you go from strength to strength :-)