Keeping Collectibles in your Loft – guest post

Keeping collectibles in your loft

Collecting is an enduring and well-loved hobby, and it’s something you can end up doing without even realising it at first. Stamp collectors are among the lucky ones who can catalogue, store and display their collection without it gradually taking over an entire room or covering every spare surface in their house. But for those of us whose collections are more imposing, it can become a challenge to keep up the hobby without the collection spilling out into the whole home.

Whether it’s antiques, a prized collection of rare vinyl, model trains or vintage sewing machines, you can find a way to enjoy your hobby without cluttering up your home and interrupting your family’s day to day routine. If a regular display cabinet won’t cut the mustard, you might want to think about a dedicated room for displaying your collection.

If you have a loft, this can be the perfect solution. Lofts are all too easily used as a dumping ground for all the bits and bobs we don’t need on a daily basis. However, with a little work , you can uncover the true potential of your loft as a really functional and handy extra room in the house. It can be exactly what you need to keep your collectibles safely housed in a space where you can properly enjoy them.

A good place to start is with a little rearranging to make the loft a more organised and a bit less like the place you dread wading through for old Christmas decorations and bits of unused furniture. It can seem like a big job, but focusing on the end result can help get you through.

Before you delve too deeply into your loft restoration, it’s wise to consider your budget. Whether you plan to use savings, a small loan to pay for the project, it’s certainly worth considering your options and speaking to some professionals before getting started.

In order to display your collection in all its glory, and to enjoy the time you spend in the loft, it may be worth investing in quality lighting and insulation to make it cosy and comfortable. You can achieve this with electric lights, or you could even consider adding a sky light to get some natural light into the room. Painting the loft so it feels like it belongs to rest of the house and adding some comfy furniture and carpeting might also be a good idea.

Then, depending on the nature of your collectibles, you might want to add some cabinets or surfaces to display and store your collection. If it’s a music collection you could even install a record player to save you trekking up and down from the loft when you want to indulge in some rare classics.

When compared with other home renovations, a loft conversion is a relatively small project. With some careful planning and some creative inspiration, your loft can become a relaxing bolthole for you to unwind in and enjoy your hobby. Meanwhile, the rest of your home can be clutter and complaint free!

This guest post was written by Caz Adlington on behalf of Money Matters, the Sainsbury’s Bank blog.

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