silent sunday


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  1. lovely photo xx

  2. I would love to go on a barge, it’s on the bucket list!!

  3. I’ve never been on a barge but quite fancy it.

  4. I have a longing to live on a house boat, not sure how it would work out in reality!

  5. looks like we all yearn for a taste of the Rosie and Jim lifestyle!

  6. The water looks so still. Great angle x

  7. I miss our boat :( Lovely photo

  8. Becky (lakes single mum) says:

    So tranquil!

  9. So calm. A wonderous way to live/travel!

  10. What a peaceful way to live/travel, a long way away from noisey traffic!

  11. Very relaxing way to spend a day

  12. Something about that picture makes me want to BE THERE xx

  13. Is that a typo on the barge?

  14. An Exeter Mum says:

    Would love to have a barge holibob one day. Looks so tranquil.

  15. YES! Congratulations for being the only one to notice! Hahaha!

  16. That looks like it would be a really peaceful outing. I’ve not done it yet but think I’d like to one day!

  17. Out side time!! looks brighter this day.

  18. Last time I was on a barge I stepped off in to the river, though I was a child. Love the mispelt name lol.