In which I write a book and people ACTUALLY read it.

First of all can I just point out that Sealed with a Kiss is on sale here at a very special super low price. Currently cheaper than a cup of coffee and with far more gorgeous men and snogging and cake and seals and gorgeous Scottish scenery. Or if you’re in Canada, you can buy it here or in America, you can buy it here. Also available in lots of other places. Hooray.

I SHOULD be blogging loads this week. I went to Amsterdam and it was utterly gorgeous and deserves a photo post of its own. And people have been leaving amazing book reviews and that deserves a post of its own, too. And lovely Dan, my incredible psychic book cover designer, has given me all the roughs for the cover design so we can show you how he created my (so gorgeous I want it as a framed print) book cover, and that deserves a blog post, too.

But instead what am I doing? I’m sitting in bed because we’ve got no children this week (they’re with their dad and his girlfriend who have come over from Canada to take them to Scotland) and I’m doing NOTHING except rambling nonsense on Twitter and getting excited about my next roller derby training session tonight.

So, in lieu of an actual blog post (I promise there’ll be one later, ooh and I’m redesigning the blog, too, and there’s another blog coming, a different one, which I think you’ll love) you get this. Inarticulate rambling and tremendous, over-caffeinated excitement. I wrote a book! People who aren’t forced to be polite (thank you family and friends for doing your duty) are actually claiming they like it! I think I need a little lie down.

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  1. >Or if you’re in America, you can buy it here.

    But what about those of us in Canada? :-( Poor, forgotten small markets.

    Many congratulations, my friend. It’s a real achievement.

  2. Ahhh! If you’re in Canada, look!

    Huge big kiss xxxxx

  3. Oh, great! I suppose I could have scouted that for myself. Thanks.

  4. Of course they like it – you’re a clever bunny

    And don’t you forget that

  5. There is nothing more exciting than writing a book and having it turn out that people actually read it! Congrats! Lovely pics, by the way.

  6. Oh thank you Caren! And hello!