Silent Sunday revealed (and a new blog)

So. Yesterday’s picture, for those of you who were wondering, was my Liverpool Roller Birds training shirt and the obligatory stripy socks that all good derby girls love to wear. I was off to Rainy City with a gang of my fellow hatchlings for a roller derby bootcamp.

There I met up with dear blogging friend Heather from Not from Lapland who has succumbed to the derby bug too and is training with the fab Rainy City Rollergirls.

So anyway, before normal service resumes tomorrow and the shiny new Tales from the Village revamp is revealed (yay), here’s the news. From now on, if you want to keep up with my roller derby ramblings, you can find them over here at Gin and Fishnets

gin and fishnets roller derby blog

Off for another soak in a hot bath. Ouch.

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