Tales from Turkey

I’m totally in love with this place. I’ve read and read and read. I’ve swam and laid floating in the Aegean Sea and it’s heavenly.

The air smells of jasmine, there are huge hibiscus flowers everywhere I turn and every building and stairwell is covered in cerise pink bougainvillea.

Other lessons: gel nail varnish is AMAZING (I could actually become a convert to that sort of stuff). And my bartering skills in the local market are such that when I marched off, saying the lowest price offered was too high, the stallholder said to Ross “Your wife, she is Turkish?”.

With my writing hat on, I’ve done loads of people watching and listening to conversations, and just sitting in silence soaking it all in. Another whole week to go. Bliss…



  1. It truly does sound like bliss. Totally agree that listening to other conversations and people watching is fascinating on holiday – I do like to think it’s with a research hat on rather than me being plain nosey!

  2. Wow, your trip sounds fantastic so far! Especially the scent of jasmine and hibiscus everywhere ๐Ÿ™‚
    Sitting at a cafe or in a public square and people-watching is one of my favorite travel activities.