Sealed with a Kiss vlog – the books arrive

The paperbacks are here! D’you want to have a look? My favourite bit about this is the “is this on” moment where I don’t say a word. Technology is not my friend.

Sealed with a Kiss, my romantic comedy set on a Scottish island is released by Pan Macmillan on May 8th. Keep up to date with my writing, get extracts from my next books and be first to hear about signings, free book giveaways and more –  Just sign up for my newsletter here

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  1. It’s a book! Are you going to sign some for the local shop then?

  2. Hi Rachael! This is fabulous! I do hope I will be able to buy a copy here.

  3. Love it. Many congrats hon x

  4. This is so exciting. Am I allowed to point at it in the shops and say “I know her!” whilst putting it at the front of the shelf or popping a copy on the display tables of course.

  5. So exciting!!! I hope I get to see it over here? 🙂

  6. Antoinette says

    That’s very exciting news! It must be a massive thrill to hold your very own book in your hands! I’ve only discovered you lately (through Twitter actually), but I’m very glad I did. I ordered your book online as a pre-order, (I’m in Australia and not sure when it will be in store here). I’m so looking forward to reading it, and all the very best!

  7. How exciting! Well done and good luck.

  8. Julie Archer says

    How exciting! I will be popping into Waterstones to do some strategic rearranging of their shelves xx

  9. SOOOO over the moon for you sweety! I will be waiting to find out about signed copies! You’re fan-bloody-tastic! <3

  10. This is SO exciting!! We’re all very proud of you!! 😀 X x

  11. Thank you lovely Em. It’s thanks to everyone who shared it and liked it that we’re here now! xxx

  12. Grab a copy and I’ll sign it the next time I’m up north! And thank you xxxx

  13. Yes please! I do that all the time (I suspect we shouldn’t admit that out loud…) xx

  14. I hope so too! Reports to follow…

  15. Thanks Antoinette! It should be available in Australia on release day, I hope!

  16. Thanks Ellen! x

  17. Definitely – in fact it’s obligatory!

  18. I hope so too Pam – let me know if you can! x

  19. Hope so! xx

  20. Thank you my lovely. x