but how does it FEEL? (the writer roller coaster)

I went on Facebook just now and saw this.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 17.25.35

And I started to write.

What’s on my mind Facebook

Is that I’ve been up since 5am. I’ve had a million and one tweets of congratulation from blogging friends and famous writers and people I’ve met along the way.

I’ve featured in newspapers and online interviews and in blog posts.

At lunchtime Amazon had already sold out of their stocks of the paperback of Sealed with a Kiss and they’ve ordered in more.

I’ve jumped 176,200 places in their paperback chart since yesterday and that’s amazing.

I had a long thinking sort of shower and the characters for my NEXT book, the one that isn’t even due until next year, were talking in my head because they’re desperate to get out.

I went to the bookshop and they looked at me blankly and didn’t have any copies ordered.

I felt a bit deflated and we went for coffee and to do the school run (because all that stuff still goes on)

Then I saw this photo my mum had sent – from Waterstones in Milton Keynes


And that’s MY BOOK on a bookshelf. And I felt amazing.

And then I read a text from my mum which told me she was proud of me, and that my dad would be too. And I cried, in the school car park, in the rain.

And then lovely Waterstones at the Trafford Centre told us on Twitter that they’ve got copies and they’d love me to sign some and I felt like A Real Writer for a moment.

And people keep asking how does it feel. And the answer is it feels amazing and terrifying and scary and wonderful and exhausting.

And tomorrow I’ll get up and go and sign some books, and then I’ll get on with writing my book.

And that, Facebook, is what’s on my mind. A bit much for a status update, really, but it’s been a bit of a day.

You can order Sealed with a Kiss here and have it delivered to your local indie bookshop.
You can buy Sealed with a Kiss here for Kindle or in paperback
You can click and collect Sealed with a Kiss at Waterstones here
I don’t mind how you do it really – but I hope you like it.


  1. Hi Rachael! Congratulations on all the great energy and support you’re receiving… it’s always wonderful to hear fellow writers doing what they do and getting recognized, being read (isn’t it that really what it’s all about?) and hopefully earning a living at their craft. I applaud your focus while managing a hectic household of six children (hey, I only have two, but when they were little, I barely got through reading a book without a thousand interruptions, let alone writing one… you’re inspiring). The world is ready for you… don’t be stingy… keep giving the gift of you and your writing.

    Bask in your day of glory… the chores can wait… really, they can 🙂
    All the best

  2. 176200 places! That’s awesome. And boo to them selling out. But yay to waterstones.

    I’m sitting here crying happy tears for you. Congratulations.

  3. Just a big squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

  4. Wow, well done you!

    I so feel every word of that. So excited when the book Viva Voluptuous shot up the Amazon listing!! Then the sadface when Waterstone’s said none of the stores had one in yet 🙁

    Good luck with everything, it’s definitely a rollercoaster isn’t it?

  5. Katherine says

    Eh, lass. Thou art as thou should be.

  6. LINZK425 says

    So proud of you, so happy for you!

    Arndale Waterstone’s didn’t have the book as far as I could see, but I’ll have a look in the bigger Waterstone’s tomorrow.

  7. So proud of you! I cherish the memories of those nights we spent writing and feel a burst of happiness every time I see you fly. You are doing what I couldn’t do. You are brilliant xxxx

  8. I love love love how you share all of these stories and emotions with us. Very well done, massive congratulations and I can’t wait to get a signed copy!!! X

  9. Well done, Rachael! Such brilliant news.

  10. Congratulations! Thrilled for you!