a walk by the sea

I used to blog about walks and stuff and then I stopped, because I got so caught up in writing and work and things.
But I’ve decided 2016 is the year of gentle pottering and peace, of exploring where we live and baking bread and sorting out the garden (oh the poor, neglected garden) and of finding a bit of balance. 

(And writing – but this year it’ll be a more relaxed sort of writing, because I’m saying it here and making it so. No more hurtling up to deadlines in a panic… I’m going to try and be a bit more mindful in my writing as well as my everyday life.)

Armed with my new iPhone 6, which is having to take the place of my much-lamented dead digital camera – I’m going to start blogging here a bit more, as I’ve been promising for ages. 

So hello. Happy new year. Here are some photos of our adventures by the sea with Mabel.



  1. Almost persuades me I need a dog.

  2. Oh hooray! Welcome back x

  3. That looks and sounds perfick to me 🙂 Love that second photo x

  4. Beautiful photos X

  5. Your pottering and gardening posts used to make me happy. I have decided that I need to embrace the fact that I am chief cook and bottle washer and learn to take pride in my pottering

  6. Happy New Year. The pictures are wonderful. I love the Paws! it’s almost as cute as baby toes!

  7. Stunning photos (my garden is a bit neglected too). Happy New Year x