in which I write a book (again)

I should preface this by saying that this afternoon, while I was on a writing break* I googled “how long is a chapter” for the millionth time. And then I got in the car and looked at a copy of one of my books to try and work out what writing looked like, because I seem to forget how to do it inbetween times.

But. I went to Wales and I decided I wanted to write a book with a) horses and beautiful Welsh scenery and b) swoony Hallmark style romance and c) dogs and cups of tea and friendship and all the other stuff that I like writing about. I keep thinking I’ll write something else but they all seem to come out the same way. I tried to write a thriller once, and the characters had all sat down for a nice chat by the end of the third chapter.

Anyway. The reason for this Friday night ramble is because I’m supposed to be blogging every day in November and I forgot yesterday** and also because it’s now A Big Thing to get people to pre-order your books before the come out (actually, it was A Big Thing and then maybe they decided it wasn’t, but anyway). So. If you are an ebook sort of person, you can go here and pre-order Finding Hope at Hillside Farm and on the 27th of December, when you are too full of cheese to do anything else and you don’t have to go anywhere, it’ll turn up on your kindle.

If you’re not, you’ll have to wait until February when it’s out in the actual shops. Which ones we don’t know yet, because it depends on all sorts of things, none of which are anything to do with me. (I just do the writing bit.)

please click here and pre-order Finding Hope if you like that sort of thing

*eating cake in Costa

** I didn’t forget. I was being initiated into the compellingly awful and instantly addictive Naked Attraction on channel 4 by my sister and friend and we were all watching and crying with laughter via a group chat and then it was bedtime. And then today I wrote the first chapter of next year’s book. It has a boa constrictor called Stanley in it, which was slightly unexpected.