a ten point guide to procrastination

1. Sit at your desk and go Facebook-Twitter-Facebook-Twitter for at least an hour.
2. Do some Very Important Cleaning
3. Drive to supermarket to buy stuff for dinner because that way you can keep going without having to stop and etc.
4. Stop at McDrivethrough and pick up flat white. Drink in car park whilst going Facebook-Twitter-Instagram like a human pinball.
5. Come home, tidy desk.
6. Complain to writing friends that you’re stuck. Grumble a bit.
7. Get in car and drive to cafe to meet writing friend for inspiration.
8. Come home, full of inspiration but very tired.
9. Have a bath, or a nap, to recover.
10. Wake up. Start process from 1. Repeat.

(Thank you to Alice Broadway, author of Ink and Spark, for rescuing me from myself today. Tomorrow I will definitely write something.)

(Besides this.)



  1. Oh yes, I hear you. xx