We Met in December – my new book!

I wrote another book. Yes, it’s becoming a bit of a habit. It looks like this. And I know what you’re thinking: hold on, that says Rosie Curtis on the front cover and not Rachael Lucas. Yes! I have achieved the ultimate goal of my ten year old self and I (like James Herriot) have a pseudonym. Let’s gloss over the fact that when I was a little girl and I used to read the words “James Herriot writes under a pseudonym” in the front of his animal books that I thought a pseudonym must be some sort of special writing blanket. I was a very odd child.

Anyway! Here I am, writing as Rosie Curtis. She’s like me, only she’s less covered in dog hair.


And it’s out NOW in ebook and will be out in paperback next month. It’s set in London, in a huge, rambling house in Notting Hill, and it stars Jess and Alex. When they meet in their new house share it looks like they’re the perfect match – only life gets in the way, and instead they become fast friends, exploring London as they embark on massive life changes. But (aha) sometimes romance gets in the way of friendship, and… well, you can guess where this is going. That’s the nice thing about books with a happy ending. I can promise categorically that nobody died in the making of this book. So if you’re after something deliciously romantic to curl up with on this autumn afternoon, I’ve got just the thing. And best of all it’s ONLY 99p right now! Yes I know. Just pop over here to buy it: Buy We Met In December on Kindle for 99p


And here are some of the things that my favourite authors have already said (and I didn’t even pay them):


‘Bridget Jones meets Love Actually – the PERFECT Christmas story and I loved, loved, loved it’ Cathy Bramley

‘Like putting on your favourite Christmas jumper: cosy, heartwarming and gorgeously romantic’ Holly Martin

‘A perfect festive hug of a book. It’s packed with brilliant characters, beautiful settings, warm humour and a love story guaranteed to steal your heart. I absolutely adored this clever, wonderful story. Get ready to meet your new favourite author!’ Miranda Dickinson

‘Just what everyone needs right now – a gorgeously warm and uplifting story full of romance’ Alex Brown