crochet hearts

What I should be doing: packing boxes for our imminent move. Our we’re NOT moving again move. The one where we move to the seaside and ooh it’s really exciting because I’ve always dreamt of living in a big rambling Victorian house by the sea.

making crochet hearts

What I am doing: making crochet hearts because I can imagine them hanging across the big black iron fireplace in the grown-up sitting room. Because there IS a grown up sitting room. And a playroom with a huge oak fireplace. And an attic that looks over the roofs to the sea.

making crochet hearts

(the pattern for making the hearts is here, incidentally, for those of you on the Facebook page who asked – if you’re not on there, come and say hello).

So I think there should be a bit more packing boxes (look, the joy of instagram is you can even make packing look pretty)

packing boxes

and a bit less faffing about making crochet hearts. But anyway. We’ll get there in the end.

PS – the finished garland. Now I MUST pack.